ALERT: DC Police Chief Resigned 1 Month After Seth Rich’s Murder, Now We Know WHY

The evidence pertaining to the suspicious murder of Seth Rich keeps flowing in. Now we’ve reached a tipping point, and newly-revealed evidence is indicative of a MAJOR conspiracy.

Recently revealed evidence highlights a new perspective on an already troubling story. It turns out that DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier, the woman in charge of investigating Rich’s murder at the police department, retired just one month after the incident. Upon leaving, she said, “The criminal justice system in DC is “beyond broken.” She quickly took a security job with the National Football League. (via The Washington Times)

Lanier’s comment and sudden change in career seems rather odd, doesn’t it? Why would you leave a top policing position in a major city? The logical explanation is that she has either something to hide or was forced out. We knew that this story was suspicious from the start.

Sean Hannity, and a select few others, are under fire for calling Seth Rich’s murder a conspiracy. The fact of the matter is this —  if there’s evidence that something took place, there exists a real POSSIBILITY that it occurred. As you investigate, allegations are either outright proven true or false, or become more or less “probable.”

We believe the evidence is pretty clear, especially when you put all the pieces together. First, consider the fact that Rich was killed in a “confirmed robbery, yet he still had his money, wallet, credit cards, watches, and jewelry on his body.

Second, in leaked emails, John Podesta stated on multiple occasions that he does not object to “taking care of a leaker,” whatever that veiled language is supposed to mean. The implication is (likely) that he wants to prove a point to leakers by having them murdered, thus showing what the left are capable of doing.

Kim DotCom is a famous hacker who alleged that he had direct ties to Seth Rich and Wikileaks. DotCom’s account of the tale is that he helped connect the two, and that he became aware that Rich had a ton of sensitive info regarding the DNC.

Now, we have someone who was VERY close to this investigation suddenly retiring. Something sure seems off here.

We have to wonder about why the left would go to such lengths to shut down every TALK of a conspiracy. If they had nothing to do with it, an investigation would prove their case, and they would be off the hook. It seems like a SUPER simple process, so why are they fighting it? Liberals are clearly hiding something from us.

Now that people are aware of this odd case, we are going to get to the bottom of it. Kim DotCom is promising to release more information once he meets with his lawyer. It’s safe to say that the evidence DotCom presents is going to have an enormous impact on this case. He even stated that he would be willing to come to the United States to testify.

The average Left-wing individual needs to rethink what they have been told. There is more going on here than we are being allowed to know. THE TRUTH WILL BE EXPOSED!

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