ALERT – Dem Pollster Makes MONSTER Prediction, Says ‘DAM Is About to BREAK on…’

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is in crisis mode and everyone knows it.

In a recent interview with Fox News, a Democrat pollster stated he thinks the dam is about to break on Hillary Clinton, just as it did on Carter when Reagan beat him in a landslide.

In that election, Carter, the Democrat candidate, had a strong lead until just a few days before the election.

Then, the dam broke and Reagan famously won by a large margin. This Democrat pollster thinks that history is going to repeat itself just a week from today. He predicts that Trump will slide into victory!

Back in that election, the Democrats made the same tired arguments against Reagan that they are now making against Trump. This pollster remembers them vividly, because he was working for Carter at the time!

And as we all know, Reagan turned out to be one of the greatest Presidents of all time, by cutting taxes, strengthening the economy, protecting us at home and abroad, and cutting red tape to allow businesses to grow. Trump has molded his policies after Reagan, so if Trump is elected we will experience the same prosperity that we had under Reagan.

The comparison doesn’t stop there. The pollster rightly mentioned that the attacks against Reagan during his presidential race were mainly that he was unqualified to run for president. Sounds just like the Democrat attacks against Trump, doesn’t it? Many believed this ridiculous lie, both then and now.

However, the FBI has reopened the Clinton Email investigation and the dam has broken. Everyone who was on the fence about Clinton is siding with Trump. Many who were previously in support of Clinton have changed their vote too!

This new momentum comes as the result of the FBI searching through Anthony Wiener’s laptop. This investigation is related to allegations that he sexted a 15 year old girl. As a result, the FBI found more of Clinton’s emails. Americans everywhere are standing up and voting early to reject Clinton and her lies.

Hillary was quick to blame James Comey for her drop in the polls, arguing he should not have sent his letter so close to voting day.

This just proves that Hillary would rather the American people remain ignorant of all of the ways she has violated federal law.

Luckily, the dam has broken. The Clinton campaign is in free fall and all due to the poor decisions Clinton made as Secretary of State.

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