BREAKING: Powerful Democrat ARRESTED, Led Away In Handcuffs

A bizarre scene has occurred in Rochester, New York, as a City Court judge was taken out of the judicial chamber in handcuffs. Sometimes it feels like our world has flipped upside down.

Democrat Judge Leticia Astacio was arrested when she was finally caught after a bench warrant was issued for her arrest. The charges, according to USA Today, stem from a drunk driving conviction that occurred in August. On her way out of the judicial chamber, she politely smiled and said “hello” to a group of news reporters trying to get a good shot.

After she was arrested, she was brought back to the courthouse — this time to appear before a judge. She stood in front of Judge Stephen Aronson who initially put the warrant out for her arrest. Aronson is also the judge in charge of her drunk driving case.

USA Today went on to explain that Astacio is no stranger to being arrested for driving drunk. She was convicted multiple times in the past and has faced numerous charges over the past couple of years.

She has openly admitted to violating her probation terms in the past. Judge Aronson spoke to her directly and said, “You’re doing everything to show you don’t care what happens to your public trust.” Aronson is 100-percent CORRECT.

Judges are supposed to set the standard for the rest of us. When you have a habitual drunk driver overseeing court cases it can be unsettling, to say the least. We know we would never want her deciding whether or not we were guilty or innocent.

Aronson offered Astacio a deal when she appeared in court. He said that he would give her 45 days in jail and probation for two years, and she would have to wear an ankle bracelet for six months. She declined the offer.

Astacio was ordered to go to jail after rejecting the offer. Her punishment is going to be much more severe than if she would have accepted the original plea offer.

Democrats are dropping left and right from the legal and political world. The Left has proven time and time again that they cannot be trusted. If there is a way to exploit the law, they will take that chance. We cannot allow people who have no respect for the law to hold such a high positions.

Since Astacio IS a habitual drunk driver, the odds are she will be right back to her antics as soon as she gets out. I’ll toast to that.

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