ALERT – Democrats Caught Rigging Election, Voter Fraud is CONFIRMED

That the Democrat Party has been intimately involved in voter registration fraud and vote fraud is the fact of the history books, not conspiracy theories. There is a reason the common phrase “vote early and often” is associated with Chicago Democrat politics.

However, the mainstream media and their liberal spin doctors continue to dampen any reporting of these vote frauds because they overwhelmingly benefit from these crimes. As FOX News reports, the executive director of The Voting Integrity Project, Jay DeLancy, has reported an epidemic of vote fraud crimes in the 2012 general election alone. “It’s too easy to vote twice—it comes down to your honor,” DeLancy said.

For honor to be an effective deterrent to this criminal act, however, we must live in a nation that understands shame on an individual level. Today, in a society that posts anything and everything good or awful on YouTube, that is not the case.

Delancy laid out a record of vote fraud crimes that showed deliberate intent to commit the crimes. “It’s a lot more widespread than what people think because the general public thinks there is no voter fraud. As proof, they look at prosecutions, but we have learned how difficult it is to get prosecutions,” he said.

It was DeLancy’s watchdog group that brought the case of 63-year old Pasco Parker to the attention of authorities. Prosecutors say Parker, a resident of Tennessee, voted in the 2012 presidential election three times in three different states.

Charged with voter fraud for votes in the Nov. 6, 2012 presidential election, Parker voted in person at his polling place in Spring Hill, TN. This in-person vote took place after he previously mailed in a vote by absentee ballot in Florida on Oct. 28. Parker then cast another absentee ballot vote in North Carolina the following day.

DeLancy cited the Parker case as a prime example of the voter fraud that progressives, liberals, and media pundits have dismissed as overblown. Parker’s case was just one of 149 cases of double-voting the group has turned over to authorities.

In Wisconsin, 52-year-old Robert Monroe was charged with 13 counts of voter fraud crimes including multiple voting in the 2012 presidential race. Monroe voted absentee in Shorewood, WI on Nov. 1, 2012. Then, on Election Day, he drove four hours south to Lebanon, IN to vote in person, using his Indiana driver’s license – a second driver’s license – to receive another ballot.

Even a 2012 Democrat congressional candidate was caught attempting to game the system, causing her to drop out of the race. Wendy Rosen, who was running in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District, voted twice – once in Maryland and a second time in Florida – in the same election. She pleaded guilty to voting illegally in two elections.

Just this past June, the California presidential primary was affected by the criminal double-voting effort of those on the left. The East Bay Times reported that “in just three counties, Contra Costa, Alameda, and Santa Clara, 194 people voted twice, suggesting the abuse statewide might run into the thousands.”

A 2012 study by the Pew Research Center, which is not considered a conservative group in any way by anyone, said “approximately 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state.” Pew said 68,000 people were registered in three states and 1,807 were even registered in three states.

By listening to the progressive, Democrat deception merchants, we would have to believe that vote fraud crimes are isolated incidents. They present this spin to thwart voter ID laws that would secure the vote for American citizens and end the disenfranchisement of the American voter.

The problem is defined and the solution is clear. It is time to get serious about protecting our constitutional right to cast the vote.

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