JUST IN: Democrats Shaken After Bombshell Arrest

Corruption and Liberalism go hand in hand. How long will we have to deal with the Left and the mainstream media?

Remember Corinne Brown? She’s Florida’s representative and Barack Obama’s Friend. Brown is facing significant jail time for mishandling the funds of a charity foundation. It’s no surprise that a friend of Obama’s would commit such a heartless act. (via Jacksonville News)

Corinne Brown is facing both conspiracy AND fraud charges. She is looking at 357 years in prison for her offenses. She founded a scholarship charity and funneled the donations given to her own pockets. The charity is known as One Door for Education, but the funds were used to accommodate her own greed. (via Cinjournalist)

Did you fail economics class? If you did, then there is a good chance you’re a liberal. Liberals are so disgustingly irresponsible and stupid with monetary concepts, it’s actually humorous. When they’re not driving up the nation’s debt, they’re literally stealing from charity.

Brown’s case is just a matter of blatant greed. She used the money she stole to purchase concert tickets and fund her shopping sprees in Beverly Hills. Corinne Brown is a symbol of pure corruption. It’s only a matter of time before liberals come together and defend this monster. (via CinJournalist)

It’s scary how many elected democrat officials engage in such indulgent acts. The Left has no moral compass. The only direction they’re receiving is from each other. This train-wreck of a party lacks accountability for their wrongdoings.

People who’ve donated to the foundation were asked to testify in court. Stephen Bittel, a Florida Democratic Party Chair, mentioned that Brown asked him to donate to her foundation. She told him that the money would be used to help seniors attend Barack Obama’s inauguration. She also told him that it’d also be used to fund laptop purchases for impoverished children. (via Action News Jax)

It was all a hoax. Brown had the audacity to ask people to donate and flat-out lied when they asked what the money would be used for. Bittel then noted, “This is a disappointing circumstance.”

It’s more than just “disappointing.” Bad weather is disappointing. Plan cancellations are disappointing. This was down-right fraudulent and she needs to be punished for it. Why hasn’t the mainstream media reported on this story?

We’re sick of seeing high ranking democrats getting away with all of their wrongdoings. If this were a conservative, liberals would be rioting in the streets.

Corinne Brown — pack your bags. You’ll be off to the slammer in no time, and not even the most talented defense attorney could make a valid case for this.

If Brown gets let off the hook with this, it’s further proof how corrupt our government is in prosecuting liberals from criminal behavior. Thankfully, we have Donald Trump to crack down on this nonsense.

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