WATCH: Top Dems REFUSE to Stand For Navy SEAL Widow. NAME Their Punishment:

I get party lines, but there is a time when all of that should be put aside to show some basic human decency… unless you are Democrat in 2017.

While President Trump led a tribute in the way of a standing ovation of over two minutes for the widow of recently fallen Navy SEAL Ryan Owens, top Democrats, including the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders, chose to remain in their seats and if I had my way, every one of them would be impeached right now…

As I watched the camera span the room last night, I was literally aghast at the lack of respect that was shown to this woman during this moment.

While several of the Dems did stand and applaud during her initial introduction, they refused to stand during this tribute, and it is despicable.

How can you possibly sit on your hands when the wife of a man who recently gave his life for our freedom is being honored?

The left continues to use this man’s death as a political tool rather than acknowledge it for what it was — a tragic death related to a military operation.

Dems may not want to admit it, but things sometimes go wrong during a mission no matter how carefully you plan. However, that does not take away from the final result of the mission.

In this case, even with the challenging circumstances, a significant number of terrorists were taken out, and the intelligence gathered will lead to the success of future operations. Trump confirmed these facts with General Mattis prior to his speech and alluded to such while addressing Congress.

However, instead of recognizing these facts, the Dems in our government, and some RINOs like John McCain, are using his death to undermine President Trump rather than celebrate Owens’s sacrifice and treat him like the hero he is.

After seeing this, I cannot imagine any Democrat watching at home last night was not disgusted by what happened, especially those who have served our country.

Sometimes, you just have to put party lines to the side and do what is right, but today’s Democrats in office are clearly incapable of doing that. It is time for them to go!

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