ALERT: Homeland Security Chief EXPOSES Most Dangerous Threat In America. This Is Horrifying.

Over the past year, we have felt tension mounting in our country. While there are multiple reasons for this tension, John F. Kelly, our Homeland Security Secretary, explains his biggest concern.

According to the Washington Times, Kelly explained that one of the groups that leave him feeling “offended” is the lawmakers who lash out because they are opposed to people enforcing the law. While he doesn’t mention names directly, Kelly does say that many of these lawmakers threaten him and his officers for wanting to deport illegal immigrants. It is easy to see why being criticized for following federal law is frustrating.

Kelly is under fire for telling Congress to “shut up” if they are just going to waste his time talking down to him about laws that THEY wrote. The Homeland Security Secretary is simply following the laws put out before him.

These people want Kelly to denounce all the immigration laws because it leaves them feeling sad inside. Instead of explaining why they think the laws are wrong and offering productive solutions, they are acting like typical liberals and throwing a hissy fit.

Recently, Kelly showed up hours early to support a vote on two new pieces of legislation that would crack down on immigrants who come to our country illegally. You can bet some people were quite upset about his decision.

The first law was called Kate’s Law. The law is named after Kathryn Steinle, who was murdered by an illegal immigrant that was deported multiple times. Kate’s Law would make it so that people who are deported, then caught again, face harsher sentences.

We NEED laws in place like this to keep our country safe. Immigrants should not be here illegally, to begin with, but since Kate’s Law ended up PASSING, we now have an extra deterrent and layer of security when it comes to keeping illegals OUT.

Sanctuary cities are the topic of the second bill that Kelly showed up early to support. This bill takes away all federal grant money from cities that want to be “sanctuaries” for illegals. These “sanctuaries” are creating a hostile environment for the city’s citizens. It is unacceptable behavior.

Thankfully, this law also passed.  The country is in agreement; illegal immigrants need to be put in their place.

Our country has an established process that will let people gain entry if they meet all of the requirements. There is a reason WHY people are sneaking in and forgoing the legal method–their record has some disqualifier, such as, perhaps, a murder charge.

It is baffling that Kelly has to deal with people attacking him for supporting bills that a majority of the country wants. Disliking the bill does not give them a valid excuse to bring havoc to the people in the Homeland Security office. They should be ASHAMED!

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