WATCH – Pro-Trump Diamond and Silk Issue BRILLIANT Challenge to Hillary Clinton, It’s PERFECT

The re-count efforts of Jill Stein (and Clinton, who is very likely to actually be behind the recount) has angered and frustrated Trump supporters. Can’t the election just be over so we can start making America great again, already?

Trust Diamond and Silk to issue the exact challenge that would send Hillary into some much-needed silence:

It’s only fair, right, Hillary? Seeing as both the election and the investigation were perfectly legal, what could go wrong?

Oh, I think you guessed it already. If Hillary’s email case were re-opened, there would no longer be the politicized Department of Justice to protect her (once Trump gets into office, that is).

And, I find all of the calls for a re-count to be a little rich, coming from the side of the race that encouraged illegals to vote unlawfully and also, somehow, got dead people to vote for them.

Not to mention the potential outright voter fraud from the Soros voting machines. Also, as previously reported by The Angry Patriot, there were election officials caught filling out paper ballots by the stacks, which is also highly suspect.

No, I’m fairly certain that Jill Stein’s move to have a re-count is intended as an opportunity, or seen as an opportunity, by the Clinton campaign to rig the election even more in their favor.

Funnily enough, if the Clinton campaign had actually ordered the media to release true polls, they might have realized they were further behind Trump than they thought. Then, they might have put in a bigger effort to rigging the election, and may have actually won… Truly, our electoral system is in a sad state of affairs. We need voter ID laws, everywhere!

We’re just lucky that Clinton shot her own campaign in the foot with the polls, causing her supporters to think she had it in the bag (so why bother voting, in our apathetic youth’s minds). Trump supporters, on the other hand, were so invigorated by the false polls they came out in record numbers.

Now, Trump will have a chance to drain the swamp, hopefully making it so these instances of alleged voter fraud can’t happen anymore. A re-count is the exact opposite of what we need right now.

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