TRUMP WAS RIGHT! Look What Was Discovered About 20 Suspected Terrorists

Although President Obama never divulged how many “refugees” were terrorists, new statistics show something disconcerting for him and vindicating for President Trump.

Twenty suspected terrorists came from the very countries President Trump imposed his temporary immigration ban on, as per The Daily CallerThat’s right. The countries of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Somalia, and Yemen all had individuals attempting to cause harm to our country and its people.

The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest used public information to pinpoint 17 of these individuals. They discovered that from March 2014 to June 2016, all of these individuals were involved in terrorism.

At least eight of these individuals were convicted of providing material support to ISIS. This includes Omar Faraj Saeed Al Harden, who was an Iraqi national who eventually became a permanent legal resident. He pled guilty in 2016 to providing support for ISIS.

Since June of last year, people from these countries have continued to cause terror. At least one individual has been indicted and one has even been convicted on terrorism charges. There have also been numerous incidents of stabbing from Somali immigrants in the state of Minnesota. Indeed, there are even Wal-Marts there that the locals have taken to calling “Somali Marts” because so many have relocated to the state.

Of course, it doesn’t matter how much evidence we give someone — the fact that our president was right about something will probably fall on deaf ears with the liberals and the mainstream media. The reason is because there are a number of grifters within the Democrat party who continue to show up whenever anyone dares to take a stand for America.

This old con game these liberal grifters like to play can take on many different angles. One of these is easily demonstrated in George Soros’s funded rent-a-protesters, who are now feigning outrage about Trump’s temporary ban for immigrants from these countries.

Another angle Democrats like to take is spreading misinformation and rumor as truth. Donald Trump caused someone to not get back to America and receive medical care! Donald Trump stopped the visas of people who have been in this country for 20 years!

Does all of this sound familiar? If it does, it’s because you have heard it on every mainstream media site. Newsflash: it’s all malarkey, and it’s all designed to make you turn against our president.

Patriots may think the battle is won now that Trump has been elected, but sadly they are only partly right. Democrat grifters, such as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, will do everything in their power to make President Trump look bad, with the ultimate goal of having him impeached if they are able to take back control of the Senate or House in 2018.

They tried it with Reagan over Iran Contra, and they will try it with Trump too. Be on your guard and remember who has America’s best interests at heart. It certainly isn’t the Democrats.

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