SICK: As Muslims Flood In, See The DISGUSTING Thing They Brought With Them

When Muslims swarm into new territory, their refusal to assimilate and their insistence on obeying only religious law leads to some very troubling social problems.

Analysis of NHS statistics has shown that a case of female genital mutilation (FGM) is found or treated every hour in the United Kingdom, via Breitbart.

Although the mutilation is mainly committed in Africa and the Middle East, it has spread to the Western world.

There were 8,656 cases of women or young girls visiting the Emergency Department as a result of this barbaric practice in the UK between April 2015 and May 2016, despite FGM being illegal in the United Kingdom since 1985.

These new statistics come just weeks after the UN’s International Day of Zero Tolerance to FGM, which is held on February 6.

In many Middle Eastern countries, there is a sickening double standard surrounding this violence. For example, the Saudi prince has no difficulty condemning U.S. gun laws, yet he remains completely silent on the law that allows this practice in his country.

Officials everywhere realize just how sickening this problem is. In order to successfully combat the problem, they have to start at the root: awareness must be raised in villages within Africa and classrooms in Europe about the horrible consequences of this mutilation.

This practice is nothing short of child abuse. The only reason it is employed by Muslims is because they want the woman to not be able to experience sexual pleasure later on. Besides the fact that it degrades women and girls, it also can lead to serious medical complications, from trouble urinating to trouble giving birth to infections. This includes increased likelihood of contracting hepatitis and HIV.

FGM is often performed by an untrained individual who has dirty equipment, and the girl is often forcibly restrained while the procedure takes place. Depending on the child’s age and the mutilator’s method, the girl can die from the procedure, and it is deeply painful.

Education professionals have been trained to look for signs that FGM has taken place or is about to take place. If a girl has had a long absence from school, is talking about a ceremony where she is going to “become a woman” or “get ready for marriage,” or has a distant relative visiting, she might be in danger of being subject to this kind of abuse.

Sadly, even though there has been this many cases reported in the UK and the practice is illegal, there has been NOT ONE prosecution over this. How can these people keep breaking our laws?

Muslims need to be made aware that this cruel action won’t be tolerated in Western nations, including ours. Just as with honor killings, they should be held accountable when they do something awful to children they claim to love.

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