DNC Chair Comes Forward, Admits Obama LIED About His Role In Russian Spying

A now-disgraced Democrat Party leader has been forced to admit President Barack Obama is a liar… and the media have again failed to do their job and cover the emerging story.

Interim DNC chair Donna Brazile said Obama’s claims that the alleged Russian hacking stopped after he told Vladimir Putin to “cut it out” are entirely false. as per The Hill. During a press conference last Friday, Obama claimed he talked with the Russian president about hacking way back in September.

Specifically, he said that after he told Putin to stop, “we did not see further tampering of the election process, but the leaks through Wikileaks had already occurred,” via Washington Post.

However, during her interview with ABC, Donna Brazile said, “No, they did not stop. They came after us absolutely every day until the end of the election. They tried to hack into our system repeatedly.”

Either Russia is not behind the hacking, or Putin had zero fear of Obama and his verbal threats.

As previously stated by the Angry Patriot, there is no concrete proof Russia was behind the hacks into the DNC email system. FBI Director James Comey recently called President-Elect Donald Trump and relayed as much.

Donna Brazile said she was “disappointed” the DNC was still “under constant attack.” Brazile was also a CNN contributor until the public was told she shared town hall meeting questions in advance with Hillary Clinton.

Liberals are still making the rounds of mainstream media shows complaining about Russian hackers interfering with the 2016 presidential election. They never elaborate as to the details of the hacked documents. They seem to prefer suggesting that Russia tampered with voting machines or altered the election returns.

“We never felt comfortable. We didn’t know what was coming next. And, you know, this is not just about computers; this is harassment of individuals, it’s harassment of our candidates, harassment of our donors,” Brazile continued. “We had stolen information, personal information. People were personally harassed.”

Hacking is a crime. There is no doubt about that, but the hackers, whomever they were, only shared with the public what Hillary Clinton top-level staffers and Democrat Party big wigs said when they thought no one was watching.

Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta, can get off his high horse anytime now. His angst over the email leaks should be directed at himself. If you wallow in the mud, you can’t be upset when someone points it out.

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