After Months of ATTACKS, Donald And Melania Reveal STUNNING News

Liberals keep attacking Melania Trump. They pretend to support women and immigrants but allege Melania was once a call girl and make fun of her for her accent. It’s shameful.

Our First Lady not only overcame a harsh upbringing in her native country of Slovenia, but she also became a model as well as a college educated entrepreneur. And now the Trump’s want everyone to see Melania’s past to prove to liberals she is far more than they are making her out to be, via Q Political.

The mainstream media have called Melania a “mannequin.” They criticize her for staying largely away from the campaign trail and the White House, focusing on raising Barron Trump without too much public attention. This responsible behavior should be applauded.

Melania Trump, as much as liberals hate it, is not hungry for public attention like the Clinton family. She’s a private, humble person who is focused on her family first and foremost. The liberals just can’t stand women who exemplify family values, so they make up stories about her.

They fail to take into account Melania’s extraordinary life. She was born Melanija Knavs on April 26, 1970 in the small railroad town of Sevnica in Slovenia. She changed her name to Melania when she began to pursue a modeling career.

The people of Slovenia struggled under communist rule. Under a violent and oppressive government, the Knavs family worked hard to give their children a positive upbringing. Melania’s mother, Amalija Ulcnik, worked on patterns at a children’s clothes factory when she met Viktor Knavs in 1966, who was the mayor’s chauffeur.

The two married and raised Melania and her sister with conservative values — to put the family first and have an admirable work ethic. As a child, Melania loved to draw her own clothing designs and give them to her seamstress mother to make. The Knavs family made everything they wore.

Melania’s modeling career took off when she was 16 years old. She took part in a modeling contest and caught the eyes of photographer Stane Jerko. Melania soon had a Milan modeling contract.

Melania also wanted to become a designer. She applied and passed the exam for the highly competitive School of Architecture at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. She earned her degree in design and architecture at the university and continued to model in Paris and Milan. She wanted to move to America, and in 1996 she got an American modelling contract and moved to New York.

However, that was just the beginning — she struggled because she was considered “too old” before she finally got her big break and began to appear in Vogue and Vanity Fair. She met Donald Trump in 1998 at the New York Fashion Week.

When he asked for her number, she said no. Instead, she got his number and then waited an entire week to call him. She wasn’t starstruck by him, and that’s what made them so successful as a couple.

How can the left undermine such a successful and positive female role model? She has worked hard to build a career, she came to our country LEGALLY and is entirely devoted to it, she knows her priorities, and she does what she feels is best regardless of criticism.

Melania’s story is the perfect example of the pursuit of the American dream. Melania is a great example to women everywhere that no matter how humble your beginnings may be, determination will help you achieve immeasurable heights. Not as a “trophy wife” but as an accomplished career woman, an entrepreneur, and now First Lady.

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