BREAKING: After Months of Rumors, Donald & Melania Trump Make Huge Announcement

Another fabricated “scandal” about President Trump will be laid to rest on January 11th.

First lady Melania Trump will be moving into the White House as planned, as the first son, Barron Trump, wraps up the school year on June 11th (via The Daily Caller).

The anti-Trump media has been attacking the first family since President Trump took office on January 20th. Melania did not initially move with her husband to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., allowing Barron to finish the school year.

Reporters in Washington have descended into tabloid journalism as they hock their papers to desperate liberals looking to impeach or otherwise impugne the duly-elected president.

Once respectable papers have now been tinted yellow. The media loves to hate Trump, and it’s easier to defame the most powerful man alive than it is to accurately report on the news of the day.

One of the unending sensationalist narratives being pushed by the mainstream media is the baseless accusation that President Trump and Melania are in a loveless marriage.

Ignoring the clear devotion the couple have for each other and their son, the media clamors over every awkward moment between the couple of 20 years as proof that Melania is miserable.

Disgusting reporters too untalented to work for even the worst celebrity tabloids have accused Melania of being a gold digger, a foreigner desperate for a green card, and even a prostitute.

Abandoning their “feminist” principles as soon as it becomes convenient, the leftist media has offered Melania no agency in her long relationship with Donald Trump. There must be some alternative motive, judging by the reporters’ desperate attempts to push anti-Trump gossip.

Reality is much less interesting. Donald and Melania met in 1997 when the future first lady was at the height of her modeling career. Already wealthy and powerful, Melania and Donald stayed together because they genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. Now, Melania and her devoted husband will be reunited after three months of sporadic separation.

The lying mainstream media will probably portray the move as a publicity stunt, but the first family has planned from the beginning to allow Barron to finish school, where he is comfortable.

There has not been a first son living in the White House since 1963, when the toddler John F. Kennedy, Jr. pitter-pattered through the historic halls.

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