BREAKING: ESPN Drops Kaepernick Bombshell – Media Stunned

Many sports fans have expressed anger as ESPN continues to push progressive politics down their viewers’ throats.

Now, ESPN has been forced to admit that their politics are impacting viewership. ESPN has released a survey by J.D. Power revealing that viewers are watching less football thanks to the antics of Colin Kaepernick. (via ESPN)

ESPN tried to pretend that Americans were fine with Kaepernick’s sick stunt, but they were just forced to admit the truth: Americans hate Kaepernick because Kaepernick hates America.

The survey revealed that national anthem protests were the number one reason why fans watched fewer football games last season.

26 percent of football fans who tuned out did so because of the national anthem protests led by Colin Kaepernick and fueled by progressive media outlets.

This is an absolutely humiliating admission for ESPN, since the sports network has spent the last few seasons cheer-leading for Kaepernick’s anti-American antics.

The survey determined that excessive commercials, viewers cancelling their cabal subscription, and the distracting 2016 presidential election were other explanations for a drop in viewers.

Ultimately, the progressive politics of the NFL and ESPN convinced an average of 8 percent of regular viewers to tune out of the 2016 regular season.

ESPN is learning the hard way that sports fans will not sit back and be lectured by liberal ideologues. While most sports fans are conservative, no one wants to tune in to game only to be lectured. There is no reason to fuse analysis with politics.

Their progressive agenda is starting to hurt ESPN’s bottom line. The leading sports broadcaster was forced to fire around 100 employees this April as they could not afford their salaries. The ESPN business model is collapsing in real time because of their political pandering. (via The Daily Caller)

However, even liberals were angered over the Kaepernick controversy. Most liberals love our nation, and do not want to watch a millionaire disparaging America.

ESPN can only blame themselves for their failing business. They would have been fine if they just stayed politically neutral.

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