Pro-Trump Family SICK Of Stolen Trump Signs, Their Perfect Response Is Going VIRAL!

Being a Donald Trump follower isn’t easy. Everywhere from North Carolina to California his followers are under attack by Clintonites that are out to limit their free speech by stealing and destroying Trump signs. 

One Pro-Trump family has had their Trump sign stolen repeatedly from their yard. It turns out that these Trump supporters own a sign company! Their personalized sign perfectly scolds the thieves!  

One of the foundational principles of this country is the right to free speech. This right extends to our ability to show our support for our chosen political candidate. Freedom of speech, by the way, is closely linked to the right to believe whatever you want on any given subject. These rights are what separates America from an Orwellian dystopia.   

As Americans, we are permitted and encouraged to form our own opinions. We are not subject to any one party, or person. This is a democratic republic, not a dictatorship or monarchy.

Every person in this nation has the right not only to hold their own opinion, but to vote for whomever they choose. It’s a free country!  

But for many followers of Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, those freedoms have been violated. Cases of violence meant to silence Trump supporters are occurring across the country, some more severe than others.

Many Trump supporters have had their Trump yard signs destroyed or stolen. Cars adorned with Trump stickers have been keyed, dented, and had their windows bashed in. Sometimes these criminals target the actual Trump supporter instead of their sign. One homeless women, guarding Trump’s Walk of Fame star, was ganged up on and beaten. At this time, Trump’s campaign cannot locate her. 

Other pro-Trump enthusiasts have been accosted, spit on, punched, struck, and dragged by angry mobs. The violence has been caught on camera over and over again. These Clintonite criminals are attacking both men and women, young and old.  

The prevailing problem here is that those on the left have forgotten how to tolerate and compromise with those who do not share their opinion. Instead of using their voice, they seek to silence others with violence. Instead of letting the will of We the People decide the election, they seek to steal the Presidency from Trump. These Clintonites do not seek to reach across the aisle, but to eliminate the aisle altogether.

These angry people on the left don’t believe that you are entitled to your opinion if your opinion happens to conflict with theirs. If you do disagree with these un-American criminals, you may face violent repercussions.

Some have said that a lack of Trump signs throughout the country means that Trump lacks momentum. Instead, lack of Trump signs in any given neighborhood are more likely to be the result of thieves. While many Trump supporters have tried to counter-act the thieves, we’re not surprised that many have decided the risk to their personal safety is too great to put up another sign. 

Well, there are other effective ways to show support for Trump. For example, in the voting booth. It’s still a free country. For now. 

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