BREAKING: Famous Gay Man Breaks Silence, Spills Beans About Obama’s Past

A lot of things about the past eight years now make a a lot more sense. Did Barack and Michelle really think they could keep this a secret forever?

Rumors about Obama being gay have been circulating since the socialist community organizer first appeared on the political scene.  It’s been said that the union between Barack and Michelle as an arranged marriage and one of convenience — and it seems like all that gossip is true, according to Milo Yiannopoulos.

Obama being a fashionista, except for that awful tote he is carrying, is not the only tidbit of information indicating the president is in the closet.

Barack, who may have still been going by “Barry” at the time, allegedly frequented bathhouses and gay bars in Chicago. At least before prominent black leaders pushed him and Michelle together.

Obama so “loved” Michelle he can’t even recall when they first met. During a speech to college students a few years ago, Barack said they might be lucky enough to meet the love of their lives while on campus just like he did. Except, Michelle and Barack did not go to law school at the same time and met well after graduation, at a legal firm — so who was he referring to exactly?

“It was preposterous to the people I knew then to think Obama was going to keep his gay life secret,” prominent Chicago LGBT leader and journalist, Kevin DuJan said, WND notes.

According to DuJan, Obama often went to the gay bars in Chicago on Wednesday evenings. Supposedly the former president was really into “older white guys.”

The former president appeared to protest too much on gay marriage and other issues important to the LBGT community. Why didn’t he use the power of his pen to mandate the biggest pro-gay agenda ever to come out of the White House?

He is the most liberal president this great nation has ever been forced to suffer through. Yet, he never practiced what he preached until his final years, particularly those last few months, in the Oval Office.

Perhaps he was afraid the opposition would delve more deeply into his background and pursue the multitude of rumors about his past, pushing them into the forefront of the news cycle. However, the coverage wouldn’t have been all negative.

The mainstream media would have been overjoyed to show how “enlightened” they are and would have rushed to be the first to embrace an openly gay president. The liberal pundits would have dusted off the history books and immediately begun comparing the first biracial president to Abraham Lincoln — and all the many rumors about him sharing a bed with a close male friend during his many, many sleepovers at the White House!

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