BREAKING: Famous Governor Issues Urgent Warning About Soros’ Next Move

Unlike his predecessor, Barack Obama has not bowed out gracefully from politics. When not flitting around the world with his billionaire friends, Obama is tapping George Soros to bring his minions back into power.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has come forward to show that Obama, Eric Holder, and George Soros plan on using the National Democratic Redistricting Committee to return liberal Democrats to power in newly created “blue” districts, via Washington Examiner.

Their plan is simple.

From now until 2021, when the redistricting goes into effect, Soros and the Democrats will pour millions of dollars into local election campaigns designed to take seats away from Republicans. Once this is done, the well-funded Democrats will supposedly win their way to a prevailing majority in Congress.

For Governor Abbott, the whole point of this plan is to turn conservative states like Texas into Democratic strongholds, via Dennis Michael Lynch.

This is a new front in a long simmering way that has almost gone uncontested. Namely, the Democrats and their billionaire backers believe that history is on their side. However, they are willing to push history along by gerrymandering districts and by importing millions of future Democratic voters from Mexico and Central America, via Pew Research Center.

As for Republicans, their constant weakness in the House and Senate show that they are perpetual losers who do not have the stomach for this fight. People like Ben Sasse (R-N.E.), John McCain (R-A.Z.), and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) are more comfortable fighting President Trump than battling the Democrats.

The only hope that the Republicans have left is in the new generation of pro-Trump Republicans who could threaten the seats of moderates and anti-Trump Establishment types.

As for Abbott’s correct opinion of Soros, the internet has recently been abuzz by the recent discovery of a 60 Minutes interview with the then relatively unknown financier.

In the shocking interview, Soros admits that he felt very little guilt in helping the Nazis to seize the clothing and the lives of his fellow Jews, via YouTube.

A man capable of such alarming deeds is unlikely to care about preserving the culture and heritage of the American people. If Soros is funding it, then it is something that must be stopped.

As for Obama’s cronies, they may be too busy worrying about Republican calls for a second counsel. This proposed body would investigate not only Ukraine’s involvement in the Clinton campaign, but also former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s obstruction of James Comey’s investigation of Clinton, via CNBC.

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