JUST IN: Former CIA Director Leaks Obama’s Disgusting Russian Secret [VIDEO]

Former president Obama was all talk and no action. We have seen evidence of it repeatedly, even when he knew he should have acted. How did we survive eight years of that?

Here is another Obama foul. Apparently, Obama was really concerned about Russian interference, but he didn’t do anything about it other than ask the Russians to politely quit it. Wow, what a mess!

Obama put almost no effort into being the president. Problems would cross his desk, and he would go play golf. If he did try to do something, he would go the easy route.

Thank goodness we don’t have Obama as our president. Thank goodness we didn’t elect Hillary Clinton to replace him. We are so fortunate to have Trump as our president. We can finally start to address the global issues plaguing our nation.

The mainstream media and deep state cannot accept Trump’s victory, so they continuously try to undermine him through leaks and slam pieces. The swamp needs to be drained, and Trump is the man for the job.

The swamp grew under Obama. The swamp is so large that it will take years to drain it completely. This isn’t going to be a simple task. Trump will need to do a lot of firing, and thankfully, Trump isn’t scared to fire people.

As a matter of fact, Trump will fire anyone whenever, even if the timing is inconvenient. All we need to do is look at the case of former FBI Director James Comey to know how far Trump is willing to go to fire an incompetent bureaucrat.

The media cannot stand that. They are so shocked by Trump’s moves that they resort to conspiracy theories. They don’t understand that Trump is running our government like a business.

The media would rather lie about Trump than report the truth, because Trump flies in the face of their narrative. We need to hold the media accountable for their deceptions. Where was the media when Obama screwed up? Obama made mistakes on a daily basis, and the media was silent. They even complimented the former president when he got away with his scandals. The media truly doesn’t understand the truth, or they simply don’t care about it.

Obama is out of office, and Trump is ready to clean up the former president’s mess. The mainstream media can lob attacks at him all day, but Trump will continue to cut through the lies. We know that Trump wasn’t colluding with the Russians, but the media won’t change their narrative.

With a biased media and a shameless Left, it is a miracle that Trump has gotten so much done. Those liberal journalists will not stop until they have ruined our president. At least Trump knows when to call a spade a spade. Trump knows when to point at the cameras and say, “Fake news!”

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