BREAKING: FOX Host Reveals The 1 Healthcare Question That Will Shut Down Libs On The Spot

The repeal and replacement of Obamacare is causing chaos within the Republican Party. And Democrats are jumping on the fray to try to turn popular opinion against Trump. Liberals want to paint the GOP as trying to deprive Americans of healthcare.

But Brit Hume of FOX News is destroying the Left’s narrative. He emphasizes that of course people will “lose coverage” because they’re no longer forced to get insurance if they don’t want it (via Brit Hume via Twitter). Lots of Americans have signed up for Medicaid just to avoid the Obamacare penalty. If Obamacare is so great, why do people have to be forced to get it?


The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), like much of the unelected establishment swamp, is trying to derail the repeal of Obamacare by saying that doing so would result in 22 million people losing health coverage (via The New York Post).

However, that’s a dishonest picture that doesn’t tell the whole story. The CBO didn’t mention that many people would no longer have health insurance because they opt-out of plans they never wanted to begin with–and only signed up for because Obamacare forced them to.

That’s what Hume is getting at with his important question: “When you hear 22 million will ‘lose’ coverage under Senate health bill, ask how many will go without by choice, since penalty is repealed.”

Nobody wants to pay $2,000 in Obamacare fines come tax season. So what a lot of people do is enroll in Medicaid to escape being penalized. Under normal circumstances, they would never even consider using Medicaid.

So, Obamacare never succeeded in getting people better insurance. It just forced them into Medicaid. And that costs taxpayers more money because now people are enrolled who have no need for it.

This is the phenomenon that health care expert Avik Roy explains in an interview (via Vox). He calculates that of the 22 million who will supposedly “lose coverage” with the Obamacare repeal, 18 million are covered only because of the individual mandate.

Of those 18 million, about 5 million are in Medicaid. Roy goes on to ask another incredibly important question: “If Medicaid is so important, so life-changing, why is that so many people either have to be fined to sign up for it, or even if it’s handed to them, don’t take it? That is something I think the policy debate has not adequately.”

In short, Democrats are playing with numbers, manipulating statistics to scare the public into thinking the repeal of Obamacare would be catastrophic. With the Dems, it’s never about facts. They only want to create this image of million of people dying on the streets. Will the propaganda work? It remains to be seen.

So far, the establishment faction in the Senate is having a hard time coming up with a plan actual conservatives can support. The media is using this to fuel opposition to an Obamacare repeal — and to President Trump in general.

But they can’t fool true patriots. President Trump won the election on a mandate of repealing Obamacare. The horrible health care law has been causing the health insurance costs to rise for years now. Kill Obamacare — before it kills us!

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