BREAKING – Fox News Anchor Comes Forward, Reveals What Obama Did to Him. SICKENING!

This might be the largest attack on the free press in American history. We cannot let it go unpunished.

Fox News’ chief correspondent, James Rosen, appeared on Fox & Friends to reveal how Obama overstepped his power and attacked him. In 2013, the Obama Administration secured a warrant to spy on the working journalist and American citizen. “By all accounts, this was illegal, and unprecedented.” Rosen charged.

Obama even labeled him a “criminal co-conspirator and flight risk,” under the Espionage Act. Why? Because Rosen had opinions Obama didn’t like.

James Rosen revealed this abuse of power just days after an Obama spokesman claimed that the former president has “never” ordered the surveillance of an American citizen. In typical Democrat fashion, the spokesman relied on partial-facts and slippery language.

Obama never personally ordered spying on an American citizen, instead, in this case, he had his Attorney General Eric Holder order it for him. Yet, Obama most certainly would have been aware of the order, and, as president, is ultimately responsible for it.

The illegal spying was ordered to determine some of Rosen’s state department sources. Thus, Obama labelled a journalist a criminal for simply doing his job.

It was an inconvenience to Obama that Rosen had his eye on what was going on in the state department. Once again, Obama abused the power of his office for personal gain.

Ask yourself, Patriots: if the Obama Administration is willing to spy on a working journalist for doing his job, then why wouldn’t Obama monitor the communications of the Trump campaign?

Obama is relying on the American people to trust that he did not spy on Trump, but trust is earned, and Barack Obama never gained our trust, especially not in matters of surveillance.

Obama went so far in his abuse of power that his operatives monitored 20 phones connected to Rosen, including the family phone at his parent’s house. So, at least three US citizens were illegally spied on by Obama. How disgusting. Trump should have little difficulty proving that Obama improperly spied on him given the former president’s track record.

Obama, your entire campaign of “hope and change” was a LIE. You care nothing for our rights. I look forward to watching the trial of People v. Barrack H. Obama.

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