BADASS: Gen. Mattis Just Scared Kim Jong Un to DEATH With 5 Words

North Korea has been a threat to the American people ever since the Korean War. To this day, there remains an armistice, not peace. Will they ever be stopped?

Our Secretary of Defense, General Mattis, spoke in London about Kim Jong Un’s use of reckless and inhumane tactics to retain control of his country, along with his many abuses involving nuclear weapons programs and tests. Mattis stated: “That’s got to be stopped.” (via Daily Mail)

North Korea has threatened America with strikes and attacks numerous times in order to get more aid, and Obama always bowed to their demands. But President Trump and General Mattis will not be so easily coerced.

Kim Jong Un’s regime is one of the Trump administration’s top priorities — yet another thing added onto his plate by Obama’s lack of leadership. Trump is focused on trying to change Pyongyang’s agenda.

This is not the first time Mattis has travelled to Britain to host talks on global issues. On a previous visit, Mattis also talked about Russia, and made it clear that a major priority of Trump’s administration would be to defeat the Islamic State in Syria.

Mattis was not shy to criticize Russia, claiming their international law violations are a “matter of record” now. This refers to the Russian annexation of the Crimean Peninsula, land that once belonged to the country of Ukraine. Russia’s Taliban outreach was also a major concern.

Iran was once considered to be the biggest threat to America and its people. When questioned about the level of threat surrounding Iran, Mattis simply acknowledged Tehran, and other tensions in the Middle East, are a problem. He emphasized, though, that North Korea is the more immediate threat.

According to Mattis, the North Korean threat is one that concerns rhetoric, as well as the growing military capabilities of the country, including their recent leaps in nuclear weapons testing. They have also started developing a ballistic missile capable of traveling intercontinentally — meaning their weapons could potentially reach U.S. soil.

Some analysts believe North Korea would be capable of this in the next few years, despite the international sanctions imposed on the country. Trump and his administration have been reviewing policies, including his military options, but they are also reportedly considering other approaches.

“We are working diplomatically, including with those that we might be able to enlist in this effort to get North Korea under control,” Mattis stated. “But right now it appears to be going in a very reckless manner.” Hopefully under the new administration, the threat of North Korea will dwindle.

Of course, Mattis and the rest of the Pentagon are concerned with Iran, and their involvement in the Middle East destabilization. But now Mattis is looking at the world in a broader view, and sees North Korea as it should be seen: a threat. This is something Obama should have realized while in office, but he ignored it.

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