WATCH: Gene Autry Eerily Predicted Everything Trump is Saying In 1942

Patriots, if you ever hear a liberal complain about our country, then just sing them a song.

In the 1942 film Bells of Capistrano, Gene Autry sings a song where he says, “If you don’t like your Uncle Sammy then go back to your home over the sea, to the land from where you came, whatever be its name, but don’t be ungrateful to me!”

This song is now more relevant than ever as we see more and more liberals complaining about our great nation. There are immigrants who come to our country only to complain about it. How sad!

There is no better example of complaining immigrants than HBO’s John Oliver and Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah. They came to our country, became celebrities, and then they tell us how we should live?

These immigrant celebrities should take notes from an actor that actually had talent, Gene Autry. We need to give celebrities less attention and veterans more attention, because veterans are the true heroes of our country.

Under eight years of Obama, we had a president who did not care about our veterans. How many Veteran Administration scandals were there? How many great veterans were denied the care they deserved?

Thankfully, we have Donald Trump to clean up another Obama-era mess. Obama hated our country so much that he literally ignored the pleas of our veterans. Why does the Left hate our military so much?

Do the Democrats understand that if it were not for our great veterans, they wouldn’t have a platform to spew their awful hatred? We need to hold the media accountable for ignoring our veterans.

The Leftist media loves to paint our veterans as “traumatized,” but they do not understand warfare, so why should we listen to them? Veterans and military servicemen and women are too often ignored and marginalized in our society.

The Democrats would rather cut military spending, putting thousands of soldiers at risk. The Democrats love government spending, except when it comes to keeping America safe. That is why we cannot allow the Democrats to pick up more seats in the capitol.

The mainstream media and the Left have already called on the support of celebrities to help win their battles. The Left loves wielding the Hollywood sword to try and cut us down, but we have smartened up. The Left should listen to a real celebrity, like Gene Autry, and get out of our country!

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