BREAKING: Georgia Just Forced All Food Stamp Recipients to Get a Job. Here Are The Results.

Freeloaders, beware — Georgia will no longer pay for your slovenly lifestyle.

A new law in Georgia requiring food stamp recipients to find work has led to a 62 percent drop in enrollment. Over 7,000 residence have withdrawn from food stamp benefits since the requirement was implemented. (via The Atlantic Journal-Constitution)

The new rules require anyone who is able-bodied and child-free to work at least 20 hours a week, be enrolled in a work training program, or volunteer at a state-approved non-profit group (or charity).

Over 11,000 food stamp recipients were targeted in the second phase of the work requirement roll out. About 100,000 food stamp recipients are able bodied and without children across Georgia.

The program was originally launched in January 2016. Three counties were selected as a trial for the changes, and administrators noticed a 60 percent drop in enrollment among the targeted groups.

The work requirements have now been spread to 21 additional counties, and the state plans to extend the program across all of Georgia before the end of 2019.

“This is about protecting taxpayer dollars from abuse, and taking people off the cycle of dependency,” said State Representative Greg Morris. The drop in enrollment, he claims, “shows how tax dollars are abused when it comes to entitlements.”

Georgia has seen a sharp decline in the number of able-bodied beneficiaries of food stamps without children. Over the last year, more than 20,000 able-bodied Georgians dropped out of the welfare program.

Liberals are objecting to the work-requirements, which they consider cruel. Critics claim that the rule change will target the disabled, who are unable to hold meaningful employment. However, the work-requirement only targets those who are capable of holding a job.

Others argue that these changes could impact mothers. “Mothers who had access to this program had fewer low weight babies. Children who have received stamps are performing better in schools,” explained Georgia poverty advocate Jen Singeisen. Again, however, liberals are missing the point that the laws do not target parents. (via WSAV)

The real reason liberals oppose these policies is not because they target the disabled or parents, but because they don’t believe in the value of work. A hard-working liberal is as rare a sight as any.

The program has been widely successful. The sharp decline in enrollment tells us that many people have already been able to find work after receiving a slight kick in the pants.

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