WATCH: Trey Gowdy Gets ATF Agent To Spill The Beans On 3 Huge Obama Secrets


South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy is kicking tail again. This time, Gowdy managed to break down an ATF special agent and got him to admit some TROUBLING information about Obama.

Gowdy recently questioned a former ATF special agent named John Dodson. By the end, we learned that EVERYONE knew about “Fast and Furious” and it wasn’t stopped because, as it moved up the political chain, it received “more funding, more approval, and more atta-boys.” WOW, this is utterly disgusting.

Gowdy nailed it when he said that was the stupidest idea he had ever heard. The goal of Operation Fast and Furious was to deliver guns and money to the drug cartels living in Mexico. The intent was to follow the weapons and try to trap people in the cartel who were high up in the food chain.

We can’t help but wonder if the goal wasn’t getting more gun violence to occur in the United States so that the Obama administration could attempt to ban guns. If you recall, during the Obama administration we heard the Left crying that we need to ban all guns to keep our country safe. Ironically, President Trump has not uttered that statement yet, and never will.

Gowdy started by asking simple, open-ended questions. As he got more specific, you could see Dodson physically squirming because he knew that the jig was up. We are supposed to have a set rule about giving things like guns and money to dangerous people — even if it’s for the greater good.

The consequences for such behavior are devastating. Dodson admitted that they knew this wasn’t the norm. So if they were aware of the dangers this presented, why did they continue with it as if it were gospel?

Dodson went on to admit that EVERYONE in his chain of command knew and approved of the steps being taken in this operation. Dodson went on to say, “I always thought as soon as we got to the next level, somebody’s going to shut it down.”

If he was SO sure that someone was going to shut it down, why didn’t he stand up to make the first move? Dodson didn’t want to upset President Obama, THAT is why. We are glad that cowards like this are no longer making huge decisions for our country.

The plots within the Obama administration are being exposed, one at a time. We are positive that the more we dig, the more we are going to discover disturbing information. Obama was up to no good the ENTIRE time he was in office, and it took a new president and staff to uncover his malicious intent.

You always hear people say “better late than never.” In this case, that saying goes a long way. We can now see who was all involved in these horrific plans, and they can be legally punished accordingly. If only Obamahad put half as much effort into taking care of the people as he did giving guns to the Mexican drug cartels.

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