MUST WATCH: Sean Hannity Releases Shock Obama Video, What Obama Did is Sick

It is hard to find a good journalist these days. We cannot rely on the mainstream media because they lie, and so many conservative voices has been silenced.

Sean Hannity is one of the few good journalists. Recently, Hannity released a video of all the moments where Obama praised radical Islam. I can’t believe this man was president!

The Left hates Hannity. Liberals hate any conservative voice. They cannot bear to listen to an honest person. They would rather curl up in their safe space and read a nice Huffington Post article.

Hannity has been targeted by the Left for years, but unlike other conservatives, Hannity lawyers up. Hannity does not back down from a fight. He is a real bulldog.

We need more journalists like Hannity. Hannity exposed all of Obama’s dirty skeletons, like this most recent video showing Obama praising the terrorists.

After eight years of Obama, we have a country with Sharia law within our borders. Can you believe it? Sharia law in America? What has happened to our country?

Thankfully, we have Donald Trump to stand up against this nonsense. Could you imagine if we had Hillary Clinton? We wouldn’t even recognize this country. Hillary and Obama wanted to sell our country out.

Obama will go down as history’s worst president. There is no way that people can say Obama was a good president. The guy literally handed money to our enemies. He was the worst president we have ever had.

Obama didn’t care about our military or our veterans. He would rather let the Veteran’s Administration collapse than help our veterans receive care. We need to take care of our veterans, and we will continue to support our military.

The mainstream media loved to hide Obama’s lies and mistakes. Every major news network is a liberal propaganda machine. They only care about the swamp. They don’t care about us.

The mainstream media tries to call us “Islamaphobic.” Why is the Left always creating new labels? Is it because they don’t have a rational argument? They have not offered any successful policies; literally, every policy is a failure, like Obamacare.

Thankfully, we have Donald Trump to drain the swamp. With Trump calling the shots, we know that our country will be rebuilt. The Obama era harmed our country, but Trump will make America great again.

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