WATCH: Hannity Issues URGENT Warning to President Trump, Act “Before It’s TOO LATE!”

President Donald Trump is in danger, according to Sean Hannity. His urgent message is one that I think Trump needs to follow through with, as soon as possible.

During his “Opening Monologue” on Thursday’s edition of Hannity, the combative host urged Trump to rid his White House and Washington, D.C. of Obama’s “Deep State” appointees. Unless Trump drains this particular swamp, Hannity warns that Obama loyalists, who are “hell-bent” on destroying the president, could derail the Make America Great Again movement. 

Hannity tried to appeal to President Trump by invoking history. Specifically, Hannity brought his viewers back to 1861 and the very first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln.

“President Abraham Lincoln — he created…a team of rivals, a so-called team of rivals, a cabinet of rivals, including adversaries that he ran against in the Republican primary,” Hannity noted. But while Lincoln “sought to unify his party through cabinet selections, he also executed an extensive government purge.”

All told, President Lincoln removed 1,200 bureaucrats out of a pool of 1,500 government workers. This removal was designed to guard against sabotage and intrigue stemming from Lincoln’s political rivals.

Hannity’s message is clear: Trump must purge Obama’s appointees from the highest levels of the state.

Frankly, Trump should go even further. Clearly, Obama diehards in Washington are a major problem for Trump. They are the ones pushing the Trump-Russia conspiracy, and running campaigns against Trump’s immigration policies from their un-elected perches in the CIA, FBI, EPA, and other organizations.

Angry Patriots everywhere should never forget those who were part of the NeverTrump movement. These big government “conservatives” are opposed to Trump’s “American First” policy and his clear-headed stance on American foreign policy.

Although laughable, men like Evan McMullin, the former CIA officer who ran for president in 2016, have used their ties to the “Deep State” to discredit Trump. Also consider Senator John McCain, who seems to have jumped off the deep end, maybe even into Soros’ arms!

In order to properly drain the swamp, President Trump should not only clean his house of ALL Obama appointees, but he should also kick out those Republicans who seem all-too-willing to make common cause with the far-left. Hannity is right, but his warning does not go far enough.

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