WATCH – It’s CONFIRMED, These 15 ‘Hate Crimes’ Are All HOAXES

Many hate crimes have supposedly been committed since the election in the name of Donald Trump. However, they were staged!

There are at least 15 false hate crimes that have been committed by liberals who want to make it look like Trump supporters are violent bigots. This video compiles these instances together. We’re sure there are even more.

These claims vary by states and demographics, but the reality remains the same. These liberals are creating fake attacks, which the mainstream media eat up like starving animals.

Muslim women making up claims about white men attacking them and trying to steal their hijabs, students creating false KKK attacks, and some claiming that white people threw rocks at them. And none of these attacks were true!

These claims vary from anti-gay attacks to racist attacks or knife attacks. Some women have even claimed sexual assaults were perpetrated against them. It’s unbelievable. Why can’t these liberals just accept Trump and stop encouraging division in this country?

When they make a false claim, they know the media will immediately do stories on it, and that the police will investigate, and that schools will take the claims very seriously. Is this attention-seeking behavior then?

The media run the hate crimes as true stories, and then the public believes that these hoaxes are true, creating unrest and feelings of fear. Violence only begets more violence.

This is not something that should be treated lightly! Liberals should consider the occasions when hate crime do take place and that by faking these incidents they are only undermining real victims!

Most of these people have been charged with filing false police reports for wasting the time and effort of American police forces. This is exactly what they deserve because those police forces could have been investigating actual crimes and making our streets safer for everyone.

Liberals just like to play the victim and pretend that conservatives are the bad guys. The fact that they’ve felt the need to make up hate crimes to justify their victimhood is, in fact, proof they’re not victims.

Thankfully, police officers are doing their jobs and are determining if these crimes are legitimate or not. Sorry, liberals, but we’re not the hateful ones. You lost the election, and you need to accept it and move on.

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