YES! Here’s the Truth Every American Should Know About “Old Veterans”

We have all been in a situation where we saw an older veteran walking down the road, or in a grocery store. There is always a sense of admiration for people who defended our country, but we always seem to forget an important thing about our vets.

They were, at one point in time, bigger badasses than we could ever dream of being. These folks have seen things that would make us cower and fear for our lives. The reason they are standing here in front of us today is that they stepped up and destroyed the challenges put in front of them. (via the Federalist)

Everyone should look to these people as pure inspiration for what we should strive to be every day. The bravery in this country has gone out the window, along with the values, and freedoms, that the Left so eagerly tries to strip from us.

We have to remember, these older Vets fought so that we could HAVE the freedoms that we do today. The soldiers who are in the military now are certainly brave as well.

These people have seen and dealt with things that we would never want to fathom. Death, famine, weaponized children, and other despicable things that come with war have been their lives for many years.

Once you realize the kind of stuff these people have seen and dealt with it really makes you think about how our society acts now. Namely, the special snowflakes that have taken college campuses and “safe spaces,” around the country.

The way our country looks now is a distorted version of what it once was. Imagine going up to a grizzled veteran 30 years ago and telling them that by 2017 the Democrats would be demanding that have open borders and that we barely check anyone that comes in.

They would have a fit and want to know who took over their country in the future. The sad truth is the Left doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

How did we get so far down the rabbit hole? The vets have to be shaking their heads when they heard some of the things the Obama administration put into play and how it is affecting them personally.

Of course, now, President Trump is making things better for the Vets with executive orders. The future is getting brighter for these brave souls.

Make sure you show the Veterans some love the next time you see them!

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