Hero Who Killed Thug To Save Cop’s Life Gets Shocking Surprise 3 Days Later

There are times in our country where people actually do the right thing. These heartwarming stories illustrate the true nature of our country.

One such story is of a man who intervened to save the life of a police officer from a heartless thug. Since the gun the man used to save the cop’s life was taken, he was invited by a gun store owner to get a replacement of his choice completely free of charge, as per FreedomDaily.

This good Samaritan, who wishes to remain anonymous, was simply a passer-by when he noticed that Deputy First Class Dean Bardes was being attacked in a traffic stop gone bad. The man got out his car, noticed the assailant on top of Bardes and drew his weapon and ordered the man to get off the officer immediately.

Unfortunately, the man refused to comply. He continued to relentlessly pound Bardes with his fists, and that is when the good Samaritan, who has a conceal-carry permit, decided to use lethal force.

Because the man feared that the thug was going to kill the deputy sheriff, he shot the man three times in the back. Naturally, there was an investigation after this incident and the man’s gun was seized.

Mark Williams, who is the owner of a Shoot Straight gun store, then decided to call the department to see if he could do anything for the good Samaritan.

Firearms that are used to kill, even lawfully, are always taken as evidence by the police, and this man is extremely unlikely to ever get it back. But because he acted in a selfless regard for his fellow man, the gun store owner acted accordingly.

Both the owner and the good Samaritan realize that firearms are often very expensive. That is what makes this story even better because the man could have just passed the incident on by.

He choose not to, however, and we have all learned an important lesson. What goes around comes around. This man who angrily attacked this officer is now deceased. The police officer was able to go home to his family. And because of this man’s bold act of heroism he probably was not only able to get another firearm, but to get an even better one.

Finally, this is also an example of how the Second Amendment actually SAVES lives. It is stories like these that demonstrate just how those on the “right” are truly right in their opinion!

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