JUST IN: Hillary Just Got Bad News From DOJ

The patriots of this country have been on to Hillary Clinton for years. We are all patiently waiting for the day that all of her lying and deception finally catches up to her.

Justice may finally be coming for Clinton, and she laid the trap herself when she got involved with James Comey leading up to the presidential election. Comey ended up getting terminated by President Trump, and now, a new FBI director has been confirmed. Trump’s nominee, Christopher Wray, is now director of the FBI b a 92-5 vote, according to The HillWill he renew an investigation into Hillary’s crimes?

Hillary should be SHAKING right now if she knows anything about Christopher Wray. Wray worked in the Department of Justice in the past under the Bush administration in both 2003 and 2005. He served as the Assistant Attorney General, and his job involved him investigating fraud cases, specifically corporate fraud.

If the new FBI director decides that he is going to take a look at Hillary Clinton, her associates, and the Clinton Foundation, things are going to go south for the failed presidential candidate in a hurry.

Wray spoke after getting selected and passed a powerful message to the American people. He explained that he cannot wait to be the leader of a group of amazing men and women of the FBI. Wray went on to say that he knows that they have dedicated their lives to protecting this country, and he sounds like he is willing to do the same.

Surprisingly, even the Democrats were interested in getting Wray into his new position. But, of course, there is a catch. Liberals believe that Wray is going to side with Robert Mueller and his investigation into President Trump.

We know that Mueller is siding with the Democrats on the case, or it would certainly seem that way. According to The Blaze, Mueller has hired a series of lawyers that have either worked in the Obama administration or donated to the Clinton Foundation.

If you know anything about the Clinton Foundation, you know that they are full of the worst kind of scammers. We are talking about “pay to play” deals, people like Cheryl Mills getting special treatment, and a wide variety of other suspicious activities.

We have our hopes up that Wray is going to see through any deception on Mueller’s part and see through this nonsensical investigation as smoothly as possible. Once that situation is out of the way, he can proceed to take them down once and for all. We suspect that when Clinton falls, the Democratic Party is going to fall behind her.

She has too many ties to too many big names for the Democrats to continue like it is no big deal. Loretta Lynch, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman, and everyone else involved in Hillary’s shady back room dealings is going to go down with the snap of a finger. There is not even going to be a foundation left for the failed party to stand on.

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