HILARIOUS! Like Bigfoot, SNL ‘Hunts’ For Elusive Hillary In Woods of New York [VIDEO]

After Clinton’s humiliating defeat to Donald Trump, she has vanished from the public eye, only to briefly peek her head to join Jill Stein’s recount efforts. Though they were clearly pro-Clinton before the election, the cast of Saturday Night Live has now turned on Clinton as they mock her in a new skit.

In a new SNL piece, the cast hysterically mocks former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for completely disappearing off the face of the earth after she lost to Donald Trump. In the video, the cast compares Hillary to Bigfoot and satirizes a hunt for her in the woods called the “Hunt for Hil.”

Leave it to Saturday Night Live to come up with such hilarious material.

Why has Clinton completely disappeared? Did she not say that she would not stop fighting or does she only come around when it is time to get some votes.

Clinton is not in the public eye right now because she ran an arrogant campaign based on the idea that she was the anointed candidate. She thought that she deserved to win because it was “her turn.” Whatever that means. 

Unfortunately for her, Obama, and the globalists, the Founders did not allow the President to choose his successor. That job is left to American people and they have had enough of Obama’s policies and Clinton’s corruption.

One theory is that she is hiding from the public eye so she can prepare for the criminal charges the Trump administration may levy against her for her handling of the emails. Perhaps she’ll be charged for her Foundation first? Who knows? Trump has not said he won’t bring charges, but has said it is not his focus anymore.

Rightfully so, Trump should consider making America great again to be his top priority. Once he’s sworn in, I’m sure Jeff Sessions, as Attorney General, will make appropriate decisions about Clinton’s case.

Until Sessions acts, I expect Clinton will show her face sometime after Trump takes office so she can criticize him and start the left’s campaign to prevent him from doing anything. Apparently, the left is looking for some new leadership right now.

The fact is that Clinton ran a hollow campaign. All she did was call Trump sexist, racist, and misogynist without ever backing up any of those claims. Now she has to go into hiding because she failed to keep power in the hands of the left.

Not only did Clinton’s Party lose the presidency, but the House and the Senate will be controlled by Republicans. The Supreme Court will also remain conservative.

This is what happens when you represent the status quo and the corruption of Washington in a change election. You lose terribly and then you have to metaphorically go hide in the woods for several months.

I imagine that she’ll return to the public eye when a trial is announced. For now, we will have to leave it to SNL to locate her. They’ll likely find Bigfoot first. 

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