HILARIOUS! Viral Video Shows What It’s Like to Be Hillary On Christmas, 1 MILLION Are Watching

The highly awaited annual Christmas card video from John Lewis has been hilariously mimicked to show what it might be like to be Hillary Clinton on Christmas morning. It is doubtful the twice failed presidential candidate is going to enjoy the now viral video!

The actual John Lewis Christmas card video shows his dog, Buster, having a blast on the trampoline, which was a gift for a 6-year-old little girl named Bridget. Bridget appears shocked when Buster is bouncing away on her gift and quickly the smile disappears from her little face—in the spoof video, Hillary’s reaction is far worse to the stolen surprise!

Barack Obama is shown gleefully setting up the amazing gift for Hillary. In the backdrop, the real prize looms – the White House.

In the mock John Lewis Christmas video, Hillary is shown walking up as Obama holds the door to the garden open for her – with a broad smile on his face. The air of childlike Christmas excitement is clearly evident on the senior citizen’s face.

Hillary jumps out of bed on Christmas morning and rushes to see if the thing she wanted most was waiting for her.

However, when the failed career politician reaches the last step and peeks at her gift, joy spreads over Clinton as she races towards the trampoline and the White House in the background.

It’s her’s, all her’s… finally. Or so she thinks. And this is the part we all remember so well when Hillary Clinton saw all those blue states turn red on that fateful night not so long ago.

In the blink of an eye, something shocking happens before the career politician’s eyes. Just before she can touch the trampoline and climb on to enjoy it, something—or someone—rushes past her.

The gift-snagger in the Hillary video is not a dog named Buster. It’s a man named Donald Trump! Donald Trump jumps with an air of authority. He clearly and fully claims the gift Hillary felt was going to be handed to her.

Thinly veiled hatred spreads over Hillary’s face. The camera cuts to Barack and Michelle Obama as their shock turns to woe.

“You can’t always get what you want,” appears across the video as Trump stands firmly in Hillary’s path. But sometimes, just sometimes, you get what you need – or at least the American people get what they need!

Merry Christmas, Hillary. And a merry Christmas to a new era in American politics!

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