Chuck Norris Just Defied Hillary, Made THIS Accusation Against Her

While Hollywood personalities such as Michael Moore are worried about getting cop killers like Mumia Abu-Jamal a new trial, people like Chuck Norris are actually spending their time on issues REAL Americans are worried about.

In a recent article on, Chuck Norris concluded that Hillary Clinton’s corruption included political, financial, and even international misconduct.

Their corruption and money laundering is documented and despicable. Some of the examples Norris offers are:

  • $26 million donated to the Clinton Foundation from approximately 60 companies that had previously lobbied the State Department.
  • Bill left the White House owing millions… today the Clinton’s are worth over $130 million!
  • $3.7 million payout by the rulers of Dubai to lobbying firm (where two of Clinton’s main money men worked).

Yes, Bill does make some money from appearances and his book, but it is very unlikely he has amassed $130 million from these sources in such a short period of time.

Chuck makes a lot of hard hitting points in his article, with the most poignant being the President is not only the leader of our country, but also the CEO. How can we trust a leader with so much corruption in her DNA? The ruination of America is imminent if this woman takes office with Bill by her side.

The bottom line here is when you elect a President with pockets full of lobbyist money, his or her concern is one thing… Taking care of the people that put him or her in office, NOT taking care of the needs of the REAL American people!

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