WATCH: Hillary DESTROYED In Viral Music Video – Watch It Before It’s Gone

Sometimes, after hours of deep research, the best way to get a point across is through a catchy jingle.

Hillary Clinton is a lot of things. A crook, a thief, an embezzler, and a few other choice words suit her well. Yet, the number one reason that she was not elected president is because she is a big fat LIAR.

Whether talking about little or big issues, Hillary will always find a way to lie. Even when there is absolutely nothing to gain, Hillary Clinton will default to more lies.

Hillary Clinton is a bit like Pinocchio in this regard. Plus, she has the matching personality of a wooden doll. I’m just waiting for her to get swallowed by a whale. (We’ll name the whale “Justice.”)

During the 2016 presidential election, the so-called fact checkers were buzzing around then-candidate Trump waiting for any slip-up or exaggeration so they could rate him “false,” all the while ignoring Clinton’s major lies, such as:

Arriving in Bosnia under sniper fire. This was an incredibly brazen lie that was easily refuted by video evidence of her plane touching down to a welcoming tarmac. To make matters worse, the lie was completely unnecessary and could not benefit Clinton. She lied for the sake of lying.

Just like when she claimed that the TPP was the gold standard of trade deals. She made the claim as a promise to her friends on Wall Street, but walked it back after she realized the importance of winning the progressive vote ushered in by Bernie Sanders.

Additionally, in her debate with Donald Trump, Clinton claimed that crime was decreasing and that “stop and frisk” was racist and ineffective. This was a double lie. All of the data reveals that stop and frisk was essential to the decrease in crime in New York. Since stop and frisk was removed, crime has gone up, including a 10 percent rise in the murder rate.

Also, Clinton incessantly lied about her private email server. There are too many lies to list, but some doozies include: only using one device and one email account, complying with the FBI, complying with the State Department, never sending classified information, and handing over all of her emails.

However, the biggest lie Clinton ever uttered was claiming that the Benghazi attack was caused by a random YouTube video. Clinton was terrified that the real reason for the attack would hurt Obama’s reelection campaign, so she covered up for the terrorists and defamed the Americans who lost their lives.

We really dodged a bullet by not electing Hillary Clinton, who would have undermined the Oval Office, and filled it to the brim with manure.

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