Watch as Navy SEAL Has ENOUGH, Calls Out Hillary for Her Lies

Well, it looks like everyone is just trying to get under my skin today. A buddy just sent me a link to a Dom Raso video that has me fuming. I simply cannot believe what I just heard.

We all know Hillary is a liar, but claiming to come under gunfire for political gain is an insult to every man and woman who has, is, and will put his or her life on the line in the name of the freedom of the American people.

I have the full video below. The part of the speech to which Dom Raso, a former Navy SEAL, is speaking of is, “I certainly do remember that trip to Bosnia…I remember landing under sniper fire…”

Thankfully, Dom was able to provide ACTUAL footage of Hillary Clinton at the airport that day. You can fast forward to 1:20 of the video to see what really happens…

Unless the little girl in the purple jacket is camouflaging herself as a sniper, it is pretty apparent Hillary Clinton is a despicable liar.

I have friends that have served under fire. I have family members currently serving our country. I simply cannot imagine EVER making up a story belittling the sacrifice OUR soldiers are willing to make and have made simply to make me appear better to the American voters.

Hillary, much like 42 and 44, you are a liar and a hypocrite. Deception appears to be a family trait and it sickens me to think American people have actually trusted you to speak for them.

Patriots, WE THE PEOPLE need to expose Hillary for what she is. Unbelievably, there are people out there that still don’t understand the level of deceit her campaign employs. Please, share this story on Facebook so everyone can see the hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton.

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