REPORT – Hillary Paid Woman $500,000 to Tell THIS Massive Lie, It’s SICK

Hillary Clinton seems to be getting desperate, folks. The career politician allegedly opened up her deep pockets to entice a reality show participant to fabricate shocking claims about Donald Trump.

Summer Zervos, a former Apprentice contestant, was allegedly bribed to make up sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump. Zervos, who lost on the show, was allegedly given $500,000 by lawyer and Hillary Clinton pal Gloria Allred, GotNews reports.

According to an anonymous source, the offer to falsify dirt on Donald Trump, specifically relating to sexual harassment claims, was shopped around to many other former Apprentice contestants.

The same source went on to maintain Summer Zervos’s allegations against Trump amount to nothing more than a “completely fabricated hoax.”

The alleged payment by Gloria Allred, who has a history of sinking Republican campaigns through the use of alleged “victims,” to Summer Zervos will be paid out in installments “slowly over time,” according to the anonymous source.

Zervos was supposedly a Trump campaign supporter until she was offered a huge wad of cash to disparage the Republican in public.

Summer Zervos was the very first contestant to be eliminated during the fifth season of the Apprentice.

She was among a group of 18 contestants on this season of the hit series. Zervos was “fired” because she repeatedly interrupted Donald Trump.

As Trump was in the midst of firing the leader of her group for his poor job performance, Summer couldn’t keep quiet. She was a member of the “Gold Rush” team, and she was blamed for not following instructions.

She also made marketing phones calls to help her team’s branding efforts. Trump questioned Zervos about why she kept interrupting him when he was preparing to fire her team leader. Summer said she wanted him to be fired for the right reasons and not based on claims she didn’t agree with, which were voiced by two other team members (who had actually performed well during a business exercise).

“I’m on my way out. Got fired. I can say I am happier with myself than I have ever been,” Summer Zervos said during an in-cab interview after she was told to exit the boardroom.

“Through this experience, I was able to be exposed to some of the brightest people in the country,” Zervos continued, “These bright people don’t know half of what my family taught me.”

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