VIDEO: Clinton Insider Broke Silence… THIS Could Stop Hillary

In October of 2014, Dick Morris, former advisor to Bill Clinton, had a rather revealing interview with Larry King on “Politicking.” For some reason, the story stalled and never really gained any traction. We found it again, and we think it is time bring these hard hitting facts back into the public eye.

Morris resigned from the Clinton camp on August 29, 1996. King approached the subject as to what caused the big divide between Morris and the Clinton’s, and he stated, “What really turned me off was what I call secret police. When she [Hillary] hired this fleet of detectives to go around examining all of the woman who had been identified with Clinton.”

For some reason, this story was virtually brushed to the side when it first broke. Maybe Larry King was not the right person, as his fan base has been dwindling for years. Regardless, though, when an insider tells you Hillary was hiring private police to cow women and force them to be quiet about her husband, more people should have listened.

You can see the full interview below. This specific issue is discussed at 15:09 of the video…

This is yet more proof Hillary and Bill have been lying to the public for decades to preserve his image as well as further her political career. Both of them should be in jail, yet the Democratic party is still considering her for the position of President of the United States of America.

A total of 44 people have now held what is the most prestigious and powerful leadership position in the world. Two of the last three have made a complete mockery of it. We cannot allow a third.

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