Top Hillary Staffer Makes THIS Announcement About the Future of Islam in America

If Hillary hasn’t made her soft policies on Muslim refugees clear enough, one of her top officials, Huma Avedin has just said it all. The Vice Chairwoman of Hillary for America has publicly bashed the GOP’s push for a refugee vetting program.

“We must let these people come in,” she says. This statement comes in the wake of evidence coming out linking Huma Abedin to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Humma’s father, Sayed Zaynbul Abedin, is involved in the plot to flood America with a Muslim minority. He wrote the manifesto for the plot, which was commissioned by King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz himself.

The goal of the plan is to encourage Muslims to stick together when in foreign countries, to remain a collective unit. In short, she is encouraging more extremism in America.

This plan falls right in line with what we have been saying about the Muslims purposely being settled into smaller communities so they can dominate these areas and literally turn them into Islamic communities within the United States.

If Hillary wants to be our commander in chief, she’d better start acting like it. Claiming that she has our national security in mind is comical at this point.

Listening to Abedin speak is surreal. It is difficult to tell whether she is legitimately siding with the enemy, or just plain stupid.

The time to support a candidate that actually has the safety of the American is now. Trump may be our true last hope.

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