EXPOSED: Hillary is Doing THIS to STEAL the Election, It’s Outrageous!

The woman who will say and do anything to hold on to power, get votes, and win (read: steal) an election is at it again. Hillary Clinton is doing something really underhanded to the Democratic National Committee in order to ensure she gets the nomination this time around.

Per a report, Hillary is donating millions of dollars to the party in order to help it stay afloat. The Democratic party started out this election cycle about $1 million in the hole, but through the fundraising efforts of Clinton, the party is now back in the black.

How generous of Hillary! Of course, with everything this woman does, there is a catch. Have you ever wondered why an aging Vermont socialist such as Bernie Sanders is giving Hillary such a run for her money?

The reason is really pretty simple: even people in her own party have grown tired of her scandals. Thus, these donations by Hillary are a politically motivated effort by the Clinton camp to ensure this time, she will be the nominee and will not be upstaged by a relatively unknown upstart.

It also helps explain why the party has not yet bailed on her and is allowing her campaign to run its course instead of kicking her out in favor of someone like Biden.

This is simply just more backroom politics by Hillary. Read between the lines here, folks. By donating to the cash-strapped DNC, Hillary is essentially buying party favors for later.

Think of the ramifications of this. The Sanders camp has a very loyal following, and it will not easily convert over the Clinton camp. Thus, if Hillary isn’t nominated on the first ballot at the Democratic Convention this summer, she will simply call in those earlier favors. Can you say super delegate?

Sanders is constantly complaining the DNC is playing favorites with Clinton, and this is a pretty blatant reason why. Sanders and his team point to the scarcity of the debates as another example.

2016 is the year of the non-establishment candidate, and so this is another telling example of the fact both parties are desperate to give the American people the same old choices this year.

People are tired of the same dirty politics. Take Donald Trump for example. One of the main reasons why he is so close to clinching the Republican nomination is because he is honest with the American people, unlike Clinton, and even Ted Cruz for that matter.

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