Hillary’s Popular Vote Victory Came ENTIRELY from Just a Single State

Democrats are refusing to accept the fact that Donald Trump is now the president-elect, constantly using the argument that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

According to Investor’s Business Daily, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote only because of voters in California.  

If you remove California voters from the mix, something that the state is now considering, then Trump was the winner of the nation’s popular vote by 1.4 million votes.

This is why the Electoral College is so brilliant. It was designed to prevent regional candidates from being overly successful in national elections against the will of other regions.

If we left it all up to the popular vote, California would be deciding all of our presidents, and they would most likely all be Democrats.

At the very least, it would always be a candidate who focused on the big-city issues of the west coast. This means rural issues and even east coast issues could be completely ignored by presidential candidates.

Hillary Clinton got 4.3 million more votes in California than Donald Trump due to the excessive number of liberals and illegals in this state. It’s one of the cons of living in California—that and the earthquakes. And the forest fires.

California is also the only state in which Clinton’s victory was larger than Obama’s—at 61.5 percent over Obama’s 60 percent. That’s around 24 million people with an unknown number of illegals.

California has been an all-around blue state for quite a while. Registered Democrats are at 1.1 million in the state, compared to roughly 400,000 registered Republicans. In fact, many Republicans in the state don’t even have anyone to vote for.

In the race for the successor of Sen. Barbara Boxer, there were two Democrats and no Republicans. There were no Republicans running for the nine congressional districts in California. And at state level, six districts had no Republicans running for the Senate, and 16 districts had no Republicans running for the state assembly seats.

The truth is California voters just aren’t a representative sample of values and attitudes of our country as a whole. Liberals may call Hillary Clinton “the people’s president,” but the American people would beg to differ.

Donald Trump is our president, and any calls to undermine him because of how voters in California feel should be dismissed.

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