ALERT – Hillary’s ‘Violent’ Plans For Trump Were JUST Exposed, Pray For Trump

The mainstream media outlets are trying very hard to paint Donald Trump as a man who incites violence. They have attacked him at every turn, but it was Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson who made an interesting observation regarding Hillary Clinton.

She said it was the Democrats’ plans all along to paint Donald Trump as violent, and they started with Clinton: she and her surrogates planned to stage events in a number of different campaign stops to inflame the narrative that Donald Trump is somehow violent, per

Their strategy was outlined in a PowerPoint from the latest Wikileaks release, which described how they would attempt to characterize with headings like “insulting and violent,” “undermines security,” and “untrustworthy.” The strategy seemed to be to blame Donald Trump for the violence no matter what.

The Democrats’ “no-lose” strategy regarding violence seems to be focused on the following ideals: the anti-Trump faction carries out shameless violence, and then the mainstream media not only fail to condemn it, but they actually blame Trump for the violence.

Consider San Jose as one example, where the headline subtly stated: “San Jose rally turns violent as Trump supporters clash with protesters.”

Folks, please understand the ramifications of all of this. This plan goes all the way to the top, and they are doing their best to taint Donald Trump with the fear of violence, even by using violence if necessary. Hillary Clinton has brought this on by hitching herself to a violent, extremist organization and staying on the far left.

She should be pivoting to the center, but the only thing the press continues to talk about is Donald Trump’s “pivot” instead of Hillary’s. But this is what the Clinton camp wanted all along: they are going to encourage the chaos and then blame Trump for it.

The question probably weighing on many patriots’ minds is just how do we combat it?

First of all, look at the media and carefully weigh everything they say. Examine the title of any piece and that will give you a clue to whether they are blaming Trump for causing the violence.

Secondly, the power of the pen is an amazing thing. Telling people that “Black Lives Matter” incites the violence is a good start.

Third, don’t buy into the polls. There is a huge movement going on, and many people will only say privately they support Trump because they don’t want harassment from these liberal groups.

The final and most important step is the ballot box. If we respond in November, we can make sure this woman who has sold her soul for political gain will get nowhere near the White House.

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