ALERT: The Horrifying Truth About Liberal Violence Summed In 1 SHOCKING Image

Democrats have ALWAYS been a violent group — despite what they would have you believe. They have shown time and time again that they have NO regard for human life, and it is only getting worse.

If you take a look at history ALL the way back to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, you will notice a disturbing trend. Liberals have been at the center of many violent acts in our country. It is repulsive this has not been pointed out sooner, but it is CERTAINLY worth mentioning, especially if you consider yourself a patriot.


As a start, let’s look at the Presidents who have been assassinated or ALMOST assassinated due to nutjob Democrats. Obviously, you have Abraham Lincoln; then there is James Garfield. A socialist murdered John F. Kennedy. On top of all of that, there have been assassination attempts on Gerald Ford, George W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan, all by Left-wingers who didn’t get their way.

The 80’s and 90’s is where the violence really starts to pick up. 22 PEOPLE killed in a Mcdonald’s restaurant, 15 innocent lives lost in 1986 in an Oklahoma post office, another ten killed at a GMAC office in 1990. Do you see where this is all headed?

Just based on these stories alone the head count is getting high, that is not including the 23 people killed inside a Luby’s cafeteria in Texas, or the 32 people killed at Virginia Tech, or the 26 people murdered in Newtown, CT.

Their past behavior certainly explains their love for modern day ISIS. They share the same beliefs; sometimes you have to kill people to get what you want. It is utterly repulsive that they think that way, but you CANNOT argue with facts and figures.

It is not a mere coincidence that all of the people who committed these crimes leaned to the Left. In fact, it isn’t just possible that their affiliation was the cause for their manic behavior, it is PROBABLE.

We do not have to keep dealing with this kind of behavior as a society. It is time to stand toe-to-toe with the Left and let them know that this country is here for EVERYONE to live freely. It isn’t their playground where they can be bullies to everyone who doesn’t agree with them.

It is interesting they act like this when they pretend to be these fighters for “social justice.” The fact of the matter is this. It is a disguise. The Left uses their skewed moral compass as a means to do whatever they want without consequence.

Here is a great example. If Leftists are talking about how they love abortion, and you say “Human lives are sacred,” their response is going to be: “OH, SO YOU WANT TO TAKE RIGHTS AWAY FROM WOMEN, IS THAT IT?” They paint a picture that says if you don’t agree with them, you must hate women, people of color, religions, or anything else that makes it hard to come back from in a debate. You can SAY that you DO NOT hate women, but they already have their minds made up.

These folks are DANGEROUS, and it keeps getting worse. We need to do everything in our power to stop them before more innocent lives are lost.

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