WATCH: Hot Mic Catches Nancy Pelosi Whispering Something – This is Literal Treason.

Nancy Pelosi has been in the news a lot as of late, and it’s not for anything good. She’s a disgrace to her party, and to America as a whole.

At a rally, Pelosi introduced Andre Carson to the crowd, making sure that they all knew he was a Muslim. When he was speaking, she was overheard telling him in a low voice to, once again, say he is a Muslim. This is to promote the pro-Islamic view in America, and may be an attempt to warm people to Sharia Law. It’s treason!

Pelosi, like many Democrats, was all too willing to exploit Carson’s religion — and it seems mentioning it once wasn’t enough. The fact the mic caught this will ruin her career. It’s about time.

Once again, Pelosi is embarrassing herself and the rest of the Democrats with her actions, both in front of cameras and audiences. But, this goes much deeper than the senile ramblings we’re used to seeing from her — the left is trying to make America support all Muslims and accept Sharia Law.

Ever since the liberals and millennials came out in droves, there has been an air of political-correctness infecting society in this great country. Liberals hate on Christianity and the “bigoted conservatives,” yet have endless “tolerance” for Muslims and Muslim sympathizers.

Obama himself was very sympathetic to Muslim refugees, refusing to even say the words “Islamic terrorism” because it was apparently too “negative” toward Muslims. The left is trying to continue Obama’s work even though he’s no longer in the White House.

Sharia Law is not something the American people want in this country, and it makes the whole “women empowerment” argument of the liberals hypocritical. You cannot support women’s rights AND Sharia Law at the same time, because they are on totally opposite ends of the spectrum.

This archaic and outdated belief system is what allows Muslims to be so hateful towards women. Under Sharia Law, it is considered just and righteous to beat a woman who is not covered up, as well as call her a “whore” for letting her hair swing free.

To have representatives like Pelosi and other Democrats supporting Sharia Law and Muslim superiority is a threat to our nation, and its people. It violates our human rights, our way of life, and the American people as a whole.

Having Sharia Law in this country, where it is okay to kill gays and stone women, would destroy our American culture — everything we hold dear. This shows liberals don’t actually care about the rights of women or gays, because they support the asinine belief that says it’s okay to destroy them.

Pelosi needs to be removed from her position immediately, because she is not only senile, but she is manipulating the American people. It’s time to drain the swamp for good, and get corrupt leftists like Pelosi out of our nation’s capital. Make America Great Again!

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