HILARIOUS! Watch What Happens to House Dems When They Challenge Electoral Results

It seems that the angry Democrats who want to protest the electoral college votes aren’t exactly getting the support they want.

Congress met in a joint session to certify the Electoral College votes, but several Congresswomen kept interrupting every state’s declaration of results. Biden banged his gavel between every other word to cut them off. Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, tried to keep his composure, but burst out laughing! 

Barbara Lee stated, “Mr. President, I object on behalf of the millions of Americans, including members of the intelligence committee–” But Biden banged the gavel and interrupted her, amidst the woman being booed for speaking up against the electoral college decisions.

“There is no debate. Debate is prohibited,” Biden said between gavel banging’s. “Objection cannot be received.” And Paul Ryan is just sitting back and smiling, at once point covering his face just to try to remain composed!

The Democrats were still trying to challenge the vote in crucial states like Wisconsin, one of the recount states. But these efforts have been unsuccessful.

Sheila Jackson Lee who brought up Wisconsin votes said that the votes for that state should not be “legally certified.”

Basically, her argument is that the American people who voted during this election in the state of Wisconsin don’t matter. According to the Democrats, those who don’t agree with them must be under some kind of Russian spell and simply don’t matter.

The entire country is tired of hearing about Russia and every other excuse about why Clinton lost. Look, Liberals, the American people have spoken, and Donald J. Trump is the incoming President. Nothing is going to change that.

After this embarrassing performance from his party, I’m sure Biden will be glad to retire from his job as Vice President. There are rumors that he will run for President himself during the next election, but I doubt it. The Democrats have abandoned all dignity, and will likely push candidates who are simply unable to win elections.

One can only imagine what was going on in Paul Ryan’s head as he sat there chuckling to himself. It’s a good thing he wasn’t the one who had to cut these crybabies off, or they might have gotten an earful!

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