JUST IN: It FINALLY Happened! House Votes to Officially BAN…

Republicans have begun this year’s session with a running start, revoking some of former President Barack Obama’s biggest blunders.

House Republicans have written and passed legislation that will block the Veterans Affairs Department from placing military members, without due process, on a list that prevents them from purchasing firearms, via Stars and Stripes.

Veterans Affairs, under current laws, adds any veteran who is deemed “mentally incompetent” to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System — a list all gun stores must check before the sale of a firearm. However, the standard for being deemed “mentally incompetent” applies to any veteran who needs help with their finances.

Proponents of the new bill argue that these rules prevent veterans from seeking help for fear of having their guns taken away.

The new legislation will remove the current rules and force Veterans Affairs to prove before a court that the veteran is a danger to him or herself and others before rights are restricted and the veteran is added onto the list.

Representative Ken Buck, who spoke in favor of the bill, criticized the present practice. He claims, “what it says [is] if you can’t balance a bank account, you can’t handle a firearm. There is no relation between the two, so many people have been trapped by this over-broad rule.”

No American should have their guns taken away,  especially veterans that have risked everything in defense of our rights. The very agency created to help veterans has been preventing them from exercising the Second Amendment without due process.

The new legislation will continue to protect those veterans who are a danger to themselves, but it raises the standard for restricting gun access. It is a measured approach that will ensure our servicemen are not unfairly treated after they return home.

Democrats know they would never be able to block our access to firearms, as much as they would like to, so they attempt to slowly erode our access to firearms through faulty justifications like these. Usually, the Democrats wait for a tragedy to occur, so they can pass laws they know would never pass otherwise — just as Obama did after the Sandy Hook shooting.

One of these laws was implemented by former President Barrack Obama where social security recipients were similarly barred from owning firearms if they were deemed mentally ill or unable to handle their own finances. Being poor is not a justification for having your guns taken away. Indeed, many poor people are the ones who need guns the most, as they often live in the most dangerous neighborhoods.

President Trump signed a resolution to revoke the rule created by Obama, and he has indicated that he will sign this bill into law if it passes in the Senate, which currently has a Republican majority.

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