WATCH: Huckabee Drops Truth Bomb About Trump’s New Chief of Staff – Your Reaction?

Mike Huckabee has never been known as someone who minces he words. The former Arkansas governor had strong words for Democrats and Republicans about Gen. John Kelly being the new White House Chief of Staff.

Huckabee let it be known that “He [Gen. Kelly] has made great sacrifices for this country, even putting his own life in harm’s way.” In other words, he understands how to organize people, deal with situations, and GET THINGS DONE. We need someone like Gen. Kelly serving us, especially with the way that Democrats have been acting since President Trump made it into office.

The White House has been looking pretty hectic. We watched the resignation of Sean Spicer, Priebus is gone, and Anthony Scaramucci is out after less than 11 days as the communications director.

What we see here is the inevitable shake up before everything falls into order. If we want to see President Trump, and therefore our country, succeed, the right people need to be in place. Like all jobs, if the right people are not involved you need to swap them around until you find a combination that works.

Huckabee described what’s happening at the White House as them getting “their sea legs.” It makes sense, especially when you consider the blatant resistance to the President and the will of the people.

You need strong people to fill those shoes, and Gen. Kelly is the perfect fit. Huckabee went on to say that the General will bring an “extraordinary amount of focus and discipline” across the board. It has been a challenge up until this point, but when the right people are in place, it is hard to fail.

Huckabee had another message that was directed right at the people who think President Trump is “militarizing” his White House by bringing Kelly on board.  Huckabee explains, “To somehow blame those incredible qualities of the military I think is disrespectful to every single person in uniform.”

We can’t help but agree. It takes a STRONG person not only to join the military but to become a decorated General; the intelligence and strength cannot be denied. It shows that he has what it takes to accomplish anything.

The country is watching and waiting for what happens next. There is no doubt that the Democrats are going to keep pushing and shoving until they get their way, but Kelly isn’t going to tolerate the bullying tactics. He will respond in a way that they will never forget.

Big changes have come to the White House since the first group of folks was sworn in. A shake-up was needed so that OUR country can grow and thrive as it should. Growing pains are necessary for the achievement of success. We continue to see and hear BIG things from the White House,  and Gen. Kelly will certainly aid President Trump in the coming days to achieve even more of the America First agenda!

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