BREAKING – Investigative Journalist Found Dead, Was Working For…

Talk about Hillary and a bad way and there is a very good chance you could wind up dead. Is that what happened here?

Gavin MacFadyen, the WikiLeaks Director and Founder of the Center for Investigative Journalism, has died. WikiLeaks has officially confirmed it on their Twitter by posting a tribute to the man, saying that he is now taking “his fists and his fight to battle God.” (

This Twitter message was signed JA, referring to the WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange. Somehow even with massive restrictions, Assange was able to post his message.

Wikileaks also shared a statement from MacFadyen’s wife, Susan Benn. The statement was published on MacFadyen’s Center for Investigative Journalism site where she noted that he was a “fierce defender of justice and human rights around the world.”

Susan states her husband was a strong force behind the ever-changing world of journalism, and had always been committed to ethical, yet hard-hitting, journalism. She even quoted him, saying, “Good journalism is always political journalism.”

This man was Assange’s mentor and closest friend, as well as the mentor for many other people in the industry.

Anonymous actually sent out condolences, realizing this was a massive loss in the industry and to his family and friends.

The actual cause of his death has not officially been releases, although his wife initially tweeted out a statement. That, however was quickly taken down for some reason.

With everything going on, I thought it rather odd and am wondering if his family thinks something more than natural causes took this man from us. And now, his mentor and friend suddenly dies? Could this be a warning to Assange?

It’s all speculation at this point, but it’s hard to ignore. With Hillary’s past, how can you possibly discount a questionable death such as this.

It would not be surprising, especially with MacFayden’s connections to Assange. Kerry wanted Assange silenced, he made no secrets about that. This short illness and death of his mentor wreaks of dark ops… and Hillary!

This happens too often to be coincidence and I can only imagine what will happen if she ever gets into office and then has the full resources of our country at her beck and call.

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