BREAKING: Bone-Chilling ISIS Plot Just Exposed, Warn Your Friends

The most vulnerable people in our society have been targeted by ISIS. The only reason we know is due to a brave German reporter who went undercover.

Björn Stritzel, a reporter for BILD, pretended to be a recruited terrorist and was told by his ISIS contact to, “Go to a hospital and calmly slay them!” Jihad Watch reported. ISIS is full of cowards who attack the helpless.

Strizel was instructed that it was very easy to kill these vulnerable people if he just walked into the hospital with flowers and a knife.

The ISIS instructor didn’t just recommend that Strizel target the sick and weak, he also suggested the reporter target the elderly at a retirement residence.

In order to talk to this ISIS recruiter, Strizel first went to the authorities in his home, Germany, to explain his plan. After approval, he reached out to ISIS.

They sent him instructional videos, which explained in French, various knives and whether or not they were ideal for committing jihad.

Afterward, the terrorist in the video stabbed a prisoner several times until they died, in a live demonstration of the tactics.

Strizel also spoke to the ISIS recruiters, who offered them their personal advice. They tried to convince him that he would receive rewards in the Islamic afterlife for murdering innocent and vulnerable people.

They also told the undercover reporter that he would receive more of a reward if his act inspired other people to follow in his footsteps and commit more acts of violence in the name of Islam.

The ISIS recruiter passed along advice from one of the top men in ISIS– Sheikh al-Adnani. This monster is smart enough to advise his jihad recruits that the simpler their planned attack, the harder it is for authorities in the Western world to stop.

This is the bone-chilling and callous rhetoric that ISIS recruiters use to turn the moderate Muslims among us into murders. Consider the Ohio State attacker; this is exactly the kind of advice the young man would have received before committing his attack.

How can we protect against this sort of insidious recruitment that turns a potential Westerner against us, just as they are receiving all of the freedom our nations allows?

First, we have to target the people who make these videos, and thankfully, President Trump and Secretary of Defense Mattis have been doing just that. We cannot allow these people to live to spread their message of cowardice and hate to the violence-inclined Muslims in our society.

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