WARNING: ISIS’ Secret New Weapon is Undetectable and DEVASTATING. Oh My God.

Islamic State forces need to be eliminated at once before they are able to deploy their new weapons.

U.S. officials have discovered new bomb-making technology amid the ruins of the University of Mosul. ISIS used the Iraqi university to develop laptop bombs that cannot be detected by traditional airport scanners (via Breitbart).

Iraqi forces achieved a major victory over ISIS when they recaptured the University of Mosul, which was originally taken by ISIS militants in 2014. The research labs and equipment were being used by ISIS bomb-makers to develop new technologies.

American forces joined their Iraqi allies just days after the battle was won, and began searching the booby-trapped ruins for information.

The university was largely destroyed, and ISIS militants attempted to burn down the labs before they were forced to retreat by Iraqi forces. They also planted bombs and other traps to slow down Iraqi forces, granting ISIS militants time to retreat.

However, U.S. specialists were still able to recover the ISIS bomb-making research and discover the new technology. At the labs, ISIS developed new bombs small enough to be hidden inside laptops.

The bombs are also undetectable by modern airport scanners. ISIS researchers looted scanners from the nearby Mosul international airport to test the bombs.

The revelation of the new bombing technology drives home the urgency of destroying ISIS. We cannot allow ISIS to deploy these devastating weapons that will ultimately kill more Americans.

The discovery of these bombs launched a major discussion across Europe and North America, where officials argued whether laptops should be banned from international planes or not. Airlines objected to the ban, claiming that they would lose business as flying became even less convenient.

Instead of banning laptops on all planes, the American government settled on banning all electronics larger than a cell phone from the cabins of flights originating from the Middle East. Ten airports across the Middle East, Turkey, and North Africa were targeted by the ban.

However, banning technology is only a temporary measure, and ISIS will continue to design new bombs until they are snuffed out.

Thankfully, President Trump has proven his commitment to fighting ISIS, and the terrorist organization is losing ground every day.

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