WATCH: Israel’s First Lady Whispers Secret Warning to Melania, Liberals Can’t Believe It

A heartwarming sight was witnessed when President Trump and Melania Trump landed in Israel during his first world tour. Let’s see the liberals spin THIS story!

According to The Daily Caller, a mic captured a conversation between Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his wife Sara Netanyahu, and the Trump family. Sara made it a point to say that the PEOPLE love Donald and Melania Trump, but secretly warned her that the media would have the world think otherwise. According to Sara, Israel’s FAKE NEWS media is as bad as our own!

It is sad when even foreign governments can see how clearly biased the Left acts without a shred of evidence. EVERYONE can see how foolish they act, yet they continue to act like it is normal behavior. Liberals are going to get to a point where their followers dwindle to NOTHING because people cannot take them seriously.

During the brief meeting, Sara said, “I talk every place about how great she is and how great you are,” she continued, “because the majority of the people in Israel, unlike the media, they love us, so we tell them how you are great so they love you.” It doesn’t get much clearer than that.

The Left started this witch hunt when they had a feeling that Donald Trump could take the election. After he had won, they were so devastated that they had to go into hiding for about a week.

After they had crawled out of their safe spaces and their eyes adjusted to a world where Donald J. Trump won the presidential election, they started a relentless assault. It started by accusing him of being a racist, bigot, Islamophobe – with, of course, no evidence to back it up.

It sure seems weird that the leaders of Israel would confess how much they love an Islamaphobe. Either they are crazy, or that left-wing punch is getting pretty intense. They need to chill out on the secret sauce — it is altering their already distorted sense of reality.

While name-calling, the Left also resorted to making up blatant lies to try and discredit the president. They made phony claims that he was tied to Russia, that he is Putin’s puppet, so on, and so forth. ALL of these rumors have turned out to be false. In fact, many of them have been discredited, then put on display about how and why they are made up.

In the world of real journalism, these little bits of information are called “facts.” It might be a hard concept for the Left to grasp, but facts are when you get information that is based on reality. Magical, isn’t it? Despite clear proof that they are full of it, they will continue smearing the president.

Liberals HATE the idea of President Trump doing a good job. It bothers them to their core, apparently. The Left would, frankly, rather see our country fail than admit that MAYBE our president knows what he is talking about and how to act like a TRUE representative of We the People.

The biased Left can keep playing their word games and making up stories. The rest of the world knows the truth. We will continue to spread the message and get more people on the side of REALITY!

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